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Hasad Alingaz Contracting Was Launched in 2001 benefiting from the efforts of a team of experts and it was specialized in the field of construction and electro-mechanic services to continue steadily its success in the Saudi market and achieve great achievements benefitting from the quality of its services and permanent commitment to its schedules.

Construction services by Hasad Alingaz Contracting include all types of civil, finishes, cements and decoration works and everything related to construction. They also include electro-mechanic which all types of air conditioning and fire services, water networks, sanitation system and all electrical works.

Hasad Alingaz Contracting is proud of its customers and all services offered to many government institutions and private institutions with great weight in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hasad Alingaz Contracting has been able to prove itself among a group of competitors through its reliance on several principles most important of which is the customer satisfaction, punctuality and quality standards.

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Hasad Alingaz Contracting has always been on time, thanks to its human resources. The competencies that operate at the company administrators, engineers, technician and workers share a set of characteristics and long experience in the general construction and electro-mechanic fields. Also, its full compliance with professional ethics and the team work push our human resources to make every effort in order to give appositive image to the customer.

Our ambitions at Hasad Alingaz Contracting is unlimited, our achievements are still ongoing and continuing and our successes are guaranteed, god willing, as long as we keep our goal for customer satisfaction as the basis for our business.

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patternAbout us



• Building permanent relationship with customers and partners.
• Continuous development for employees and workers.
• Following up with the latest updates in the field of contracting and electro-mechanic
• Updating and developing our equipment and machines in a continuous manner.
• Receiving the international ISO certificate in contracting.


• Considering customer satisfaction, the highest goal to be achieved.
• Commitment to quality standards.
• Commitment to schedules and budgets allotted to the projects.


We have various goals at Hasad Alingaz Contracting; we seek to be the leader competitor in the field of construction in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a major reference to all customers desiring to benefit from this kind of businesses.


Hasad Alingaz Contracting has a noble mission geared towards society and it aims to raise the level of contracting business in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the spread of quality culture between contracting and customers alike.